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Dean Bosler’s Furniture was started by a young man with a big dream. Through hard work and perseverance Dean’s dream became a reality. Our store is now one of the areas leaders in the home furnishings industry and we feel, one of the best places to work.

No matter if your expertise lies in sales, delivery, warehouse or office we are always interested in talking to energetic, innovative, career minded individuals.

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Dean Bosler’s Furniture is a great place to work because you always have the support of your supervisor and upper management. You never feel like just a number, but rather someone who matters. Your opinions are always welcomed. If you want a company that cares for YOU and gives you the opportunities to succeed, join Dean Bosler’s Furniture.

Valued Employee since 2005.

Roosevelt Gregory, Jr.

As a Dean Bosler’s Furniture employee of many years, I have found one thing to be true: DBF takes pride in always providing the very best service to its customers. DBF hires the best people for the job and allows them to do what they do best. What I love most about DBF is that the company always gives back to the community.

Valued Employee since 1988.

David Rittenbery


Ruth Lankford

I like working for Dean Bosler’s Furniture because you are given lots of room to learn and grow. The company has great people that help you out when needed. I appreciate the high standards expected and how it pushes you to improve.

Valued Employee since 2008.
Dean Bosler’s Furniture is a great company to work for; it’s a place where my background skills can be utilized and developed. It has been my passion and desire to work for a company where I can utilize my knowledge, experience, and skills to help achieve the company’s goals. When I interviewed at DBF, I found that my skills matched their requirements; therefore, I can showcase my design skills to contribute to the growth of the company. It has been a great privilege to work at a reputable company like DBF.

Valued Employee since 2010.

April Van-Buren Mobley

Dean Bosler’s Furniture is locally owned and operated. DBF experiences very little employee turnover. Another rarity in our organization is that ALL of our senior staff is approachable; employees have access to any manager at any time. Our leaders are not sequestered away from the employees. We have an effective leadership team, our leaders allow for growth of the organization, but at a very responsible and reasonable rate. I can honestly say, DBF is the best employer in our area!!! I’m proud to be a part of this exceptional organization.

Valued Employee since 2005.

Terri Campbell


Mark Montgomery

I started working at Dean Bosler’s Furniture in 2005 and have thoroughly enjoyed my years at the company. There are so many great things about working at Dean Bosler’s Furniture. I value the working relations I have with the other DBF employees. It is understandable why so many DBF employees invest in a long career with this company. These people have taught me so much and have given me the opportunity to grow successfully.

Valued Employee since 2005.
From my perspective, Dean Bosler’s Furniture’s outstanding company culture and values allow for all employees to feel as if they belong and this is important to me. It is a great place to work as it is a diverse organization with talented people, great leadership, as well as a collaborative culture. It is amazing to be able to work for, and be part of the team here at DBF. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a great company.

Valued Employee since 2014.

Stacy Powers

The positive atmosphere at Dean Bosler’s Furniture was noticeable to me at all levels. People smiled; people were helpful; people were upbeat; people were genuine. My choice to work here was based on two things. The people and the work. This intangible quality called a ‘fit’. Each company develops a corporate persona that may or may not fit your personality. This encompasses many things from ethics to goals to the type of people hired. Through whatever conscious and sub-conscious thought processes, DBF felt right. The one thing that impressed me most about DBF during the interview process was the attitude of the people conducting the interview. I got a sense of company loyalty from them mixed with bona fide job satisfaction. To me this implied that everyone in the organization is an integral part of the whole, therefore a team.

Valued Employee since 2004.

Heath Faulk

I began working for Dean before there was a Dean Bosler’s Furniture! I started working for him at Bosler’s Waterbeds, which was on Covert Avenue, and came along with him when he opened DBF. I was a young man when I started working here and over the years I have learned a lot about business, patience and life in general by working with the public. As a delivery man, we are usually the last person to have contact with the customer so it is very important that I listen to them and do my best to provide them with a good experience so they will come back to DBF the next time they need something. Customer service is our top priority.

Valued Employee since 1983.

David Nelson


Rose Hammer

Dean Bosler’s Furniture is a strong, solid, stable company that withstood and excelled during a tremendous national economic downturn. Always evolving - never resting, always looking for the next ‘thing’ to allow us to stand out further from the competition. It never gets boring. We’re all exposed to co-workers from diverse educational, military, functional, and technical backgrounds, as well as participating on diverse projects with different clients.

Valued Employee since 2014.